Professional Services



Lexico can help you with all of your translations needs. Our expert translators have experience working with clients in many fields and industries, but we particularly specialize in:

  • Advertising & Marketing: Brochures, flyers, print ads, radio and TV scripts, direct mail, and more.
  • Financial Services: Banking brochures, prospectuses, banking/credit card agreements, and loan documents.
  • Legal: Briefs, discovery, contracts, pleadings, will and estate documents, disclaimers, privacy policies, and other legal materials.
  • Medical: Textbooks, manuals, over-the-counter and prescription product labels, brochures, booklets, sub-titling for training videos, and more.
  • Telecommunications: Instruction and installation manuals,product descriptions, and any document with technology-related or technical language.

Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting for medical conferences, and consecutive interpreting for legal proceedings and business teleconferences.


Choosing the right words takes time, creative thinking, and careful arrangement. A well-written website or marketing piece can help differentiate your company from the competition and create a recognizable brand for your customers. Words are powerful. Let us harness that power for you. Our language gurus can vastly improve your communications in any language - whether you need a corporate piece or a playful website, Lexico can help.

Multilingual Collateral Design

Our graphic designers are used to working with a multi-language platform and can assist you with layout recommendations or work with your pre-established corporate template. We design to fit your company's needs from using cutting-edge graphics to helping you build your image. A high-quality design does not have to break the bank. We offer competitive pricing for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our hands-on approach is personal and we evaluate each project from a multilingual, multicultural perspective. We specialize in the development of bilingual brochures, flyers, graphic fact sheets, direct mail pieces, website banner ads, and HTML email templates.

Website Localization

Translation of your company's website that goes beyond language. We take into consideration cultural nuances, idioms, photography/icons, and even color schemes to better connect with your target market.

Bilingual/Multilingual Audio Transcriptions

Transcriptions of focus groups, interviews, depositions, and more. We can assist you with any of your audio files in another language, so that you can use a professional transcript in English or the language of your choice.

Hispanic Market Public Relations

Press release development taking into consideration cultural relevancy and adaptations of English-language releases. Media relations including local, regional and national outreach. We can help place your stories on Univision and Telemundo stations, as well as Spanish-language newspapers, and radio stations. We also provide consulting services in this area, for example helping your company research and develop a solid public relations strategy and tactics geared toward the U.S. Hispanic market.

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