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Lexico LLC. is a boutique agency that specializes in communication and translation services to help companies connect with multilingual audiences and grow their business. We value diversity and we believe in bridging differences through language. Our team of translators, interpreters and designers are passionate about what we do and all are experts in their fields. We have also created a core team that is made up of professionals who have advanced degrees in specific areas such as legal, medical, and public health, in addition to being certified as translators and/or interpreters.

  • Our expert and easy solutions include translations, interpreting, proofreading, consulting, and design services. All of our assignments include project management and customer service follow up in order to meet demanding deadlines and provide the best quality. We are also committed to counseling our clients on cultural and language nuances, so that the final product maintains the original's integrity and intention, but reads seamlessly in the target language of the translation.

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Proud Member of the American Translators Association

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