Welcome to Lexico

At Lexico, our mission is to provide professional and easy translation and communication solutions for all of your language needs. We are committed to counseling you on cultural and language nuances, so that the final product maintains the original's integrity and intention, but reads as though it had been created in the language of the translation. Also, we are experts at website translation and multilingual website design to help you maximize your online reach. All of our assignments include project management and customer service throughout their duration to guarantee the best quality. Our expert translators and language gurus are always available to answer your questions.

Lexico's Main Languages    
  • English <>to Spanish
  • English <>to Russian
  • English <>to Tagalog
  • English <> to Vietnamese
  • English <> to Portuguese
  • English <>to French
  • English <>to German
Other languages
may be available upon request.

Why Lexico?

Lexico is a boutique firm that focuses on customer service and tailored translations using a streamlined, proven process. Clients receive the knowledge and expertise found in bigger firms, without the service hassles or overblown pricing. We keep our overhead low, so that we can pass on the savings. Plus, our clients have the peace of mind that all of Lexico's expert translators are certified and/or have several years of experience and training in their language combination.

Call or e-mail us today for an instant quote: 1.888.801.4645 Ext. 101 or info@lexicollc.com!

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